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Zhenjiang Fengyuan New Energy Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is challenging its new height at the solar photovoltaic industry with unprecedented boldness. Since its founding in 2006, the Company has been focusingon the product quality, higher value for customers and its corporate responsibility while in pursuit of development. The Company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000 authentication, whose products have, among other international certification authorities, passed CQC, TUV, JET authentications, and also possesses the qualification of installing solar power station engineering.

We have Achieved annual sales of 800MW solar modules. and  Within 2020, Fengyuan will achieve the annual production capacity of 1.5GW, coverage of  full range PV products , to provide customized products and services.


The core ideas
The cored ideas:Based on the core ideas of creating value for society,for customers,for enterprises and for our employees,we determined to become leading supplier of pv products.
Enterprise purpose
By improving the production process with the upgrading technology of pv modules, to ensure the maximization of customers' benefits,  bringing more clean energy for all mankind, we are aommitted to become the Top 10 solar module manufacturer in the next 3 years.
Solar is an inexhaustible non-pollution green energy,It's friendly to the human and environment,It's one of the way to solve the enery crisis and the pollution problem.It forst the word tendency and the sustainable development strategy of our country;It will be supported by the world people.We have powerful economic strength and a creative team support by the local goverment we believe we can suceess.
Technical direction
Techniacal direction:Relying on the technical resources of Wuxi suntech,Fengyuan continuously improves it's production process,reduces the cost of power generation,and provides green energy for our customers.
Product direction
Plhoto voltaic modules,solar application products,solar power generation sysem,solar cells,etc.
Application direction
Off-grid and on-grid solar sysem;BIPV,solar application products,wind power generation system etc.