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Carrying out the spirit of the Party Congress, Oil Mill opens the "special town" and building "intellectual storm"

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Carrying out the spirit of the Party Congress, Oil Mill opens the "special town" and building "intellectual storm"

At the 12th Party Congress of the city, Pan Zaiyun, secretary of the municipal party committee, specifically emphasized that the oil mill should enlarge the advantages of the development and high-end development of the leading PV industry in the town, focusing on the major projects with strong explosive power, the high-end links of the industrial chain, and the frontiers of technological development. In the field, we will strive to create a “photovoltaic town” with both form and spirit.

Focusing on the spirit of the party congress and the ardent hope of Pan Shuji, the whole town of Yanfang quickly set off a wave of study and implementation. On the morning of August 5th, a "intellectual storm" related to the construction of the "photovoltaic characteristic town" in the oil mill was opened.





Please see the report from the front line:

Oil mill opens & ldquo; Intelligence Storm & rdquo; Boost “ Featured Town & rdquo; Construction

“Intelligence Storm”Opener



Professor Zhou Lang, Dean of the Photovoltaic Research Institute of Nanchang University and doctoral supervisor.

Professor Zhou’s title is well-known: “Material Physics and Chemistry”, National Key Discipline Leader, Director of Photovoltaic Engineering Technology Research Center of Jiangxi University, Host of Jiangxi Photovoltaic Materials Technology Technology Innovation Team, Vice Chairman of Jiangxi Photovoltaic Industry Alliance Director of the Alliance Technical Committee, Deputy Director of the National Photovoltaic Engineering Technology Research Center Committee, and Director of the PV Professional Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society. His research interests include photovoltaic materials and devices, crystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon ingot growth, diamond cutting and texturing, etc. He is a senior expert with rich academic attainments in China's photovoltaic field.

Causes of storm formation

1. Deepen the promotion of cooperation in government, industry, research and research, and strive for more scientific and technological achievements to be transformed and settled in our town;

2, understand the current situation of the photovoltaic industry, play the "family" advantage, better serve the development of enterprises, service areas.

Storm scene


The lecture was hosted by the secretary of the town party committee.



All the party and government leaders, all the staff of the government, the heads of the vertical departments, the village (community), the fixed number of cadres, and the responsible persons of the relevant enterprises, nearly 300 people gathered together to listen to Professor Zhou.



Professor Zhou gave a wonderful lecture.




Professor Zhou’s lectures were wonderful. Four comrades from the town's photovoltaic association and photovoltaic companies gave an interactive question and answer with the lectures.


Ring too

What is the future direction of polycrystals?

What is the feasibility of a single crystal?



What are the development directions and material requirements for subsequent high-efficiency components and batteries?



The solar photovoltaic module is the most expensive equipment in the entire solar power generation system, and is also the main equipment for power generation. How to further reduce the manufacturing cost of solar photovoltaic modules, or the conversion efficiency of components is higher when the price of raw materials does not change, Realize the goal of reducing costs?


Photovoltaic Association

1. The photovoltaic industry is fluctuating frequently, with a large range, depending on market factors or policy factors?

2. Will the country gradually phase out the subsidy policy and how will the PV market move? Is there a big turning point in the PV market in the second half of the year?


Professor Zhou also answered the wonderful questions. Professor Zhou said that the development of polysilicon is on the line. This line is the diamond line. Regarding the cost reduction of photovoltaic modules, the existing space is already at a low level and the compression space is limited. The photovoltaic market is largely dependent on the policy. Whether there is an inflection point, but also wait until after October to see the points.




The secretary of the town party committee has compiled a summary of the text. He said that the photovoltaic industry, as an emerging industry and a new energy industry, has broad market prospects and is promising. Especially after experiencing the photovoltaic "cold winter", PV companies must strengthen their confidence and move forward with courage. The town party committee and government will, as always, support the photovoltaic enterprises to become bigger, stronger, and more specialized, and the government and enterprises will work together to contribute to the “photovoltaic town”.


“Family Oil Mill & rdquo; & "Photovoltaic Town"



A set of numbers

Up to now, there are more than 20 PV companies in the oil mill. In 2015, the total industrial production value of photovoltaic enterprises was nearly 9 billion yuan, accounting for about 65% of the total industrial output of the town.


From “Winter> to “warm spring 

In 2013, the photovoltaic industry encountered an unprecedented “cold winter”. The Party Committee and the government of the Oil Town Town first proposed the “family concept”, “using the family” to activate the social resources and help the enterprise “to warm up”, improve the service level, strengthen the talents, and speed up the economy of the oil mill. In the past three years, the total economic output has increased by more than 12% for three consecutive years.


“13th Five-Year; Goal

At the end of the thirteenth five-year period, the total output value of the photovoltaic industry strives to exceed 20 billion yuan, accounting for more than 70% of the total industrial economy.


Among them, Huantai Group's total output value in 2020 will ensure more than 5 billion yuan, and strive for 8 billion yuan; Fengyuan New Energy will build a professional production area for photovoltaic modules, achieving a total output value of 3 billion yuan in 2020; Sun Technology will realize the listing of the main board and realize by 2020 The output value is 2 billion yuan; the new plant area of ​​Runchi New Materials is put into full production, and it is a photovoltaic accessory product that specializes in strengthening, upgrading and cutting wire, aluminum alloy frame and so on.